Thank you, Angela, for making a reality. It was especially nice that you met with us in person for the marathon planning and brainstorming sessions before we launched our site.

Your guidance, creativity and way with words has put us on the Internet's map. I love our website content, brochures, ads and marketing materials! I even appreciate you pushing me to blog. Although I may have been slow to start on the blogging path, I know it will be an excellent investment of my time.

D. Beam

I love working with you, you make me look great!

Miguel Berger, Owner/Broker
TechValley Homes Real Estate

Angela's unique wordsmith abilities are likely to be a godsend for all you who need to get your message out, but just don't know quite how to say it.

Michael Russer (AKA Mr. Internet)
Russer Communications

Angela has a *wicked* gift for writing. I love to read her work, it literally makes my toes tingle!

Anna Baron
The Virtual Link

Your words are so light but full of seeking and purpose...a combination you pull off brilliantly!

Mike Darnell

Such an appropriate name...Angela, because I felt like you were an angel talking to me last week. Your words were very full of great insight and wisdom.

The first step you gave me was to clear up the phone the end of that day I had a new team in place -- even the clients are noticing!

Next step was to determine the marketing niche. What I was thinking was way too broad, but the past few days I have become more focused on "what matters most".

Gotta say that my time spent with you was probably the best hour I've spent discussing business in a long time. You blew me away with some of your thought-provoking questions and comments. You are a very giving person and in a short time I learned a great deal. Thank you.

Tomas P. Mullooly, President
Mullooly Asset Management, LLC

I work hard to generate concepts and you always take my ideas one step further to polish them. You are priceless!

Paula Binyamin
TechValley Relocations

I think what amazes me about working with you is how quickly your mind works. I have to let the words roll around in my head for hours until they sort themselves out.

JJ Murphy
Writer By Nature

When I started my business, I had no idea of all the complicated set-up projects this entailed, but I was blessed with Angela Allen's wonderful mentoring. I'm delighted to have hired her to guide me through it all. I really don't believe I could have gotten established without her expertise!

Molly Alexander Darden
The Word Mason

I had the good fortune to 'run' into Angela online. And I have never regretted the decision to have her edit and rewrite my product descriptions. I have had others help me in the past and, although they were talented writers, they always described my products in their words.

That is what I appreciate about Angela's writing, she gets to know you, gets a feel for you, and is able to relate what you want into words for you. She writes in your natural voice, not hers.

Wanda Haffner
Herbal Creations by Wanda

There were several reasons I wanted to use Angela Allen Parker when I needed copyediting: her educational and experiential background, her skills, and her integrity.

And what a pleasure to refer others to her! I strongly recommend you get to know her and see if her talent and skills fit your writing, editing, or publishing needs.

Judy Vorfeld
Office Support Services

I have been working with Angela Allen since August 2001 and during this time Angela has accompanied me on the journey from "entrepreneur" to fully fledged business in a way that has been challenging, fruitful and joyous. While always guiding and supporting me, Angela has enabled me to discover my own way so that every decision I've taken has been informed and, most importantly, mine.

Engaging Angela's services was the best business decision I have made ~ I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Bronwyn Robertson
The Arts VA

I feel overwhelmed with "to-do's" at present, but the timing (for this consultation) is great and I will be moving toward the approach you recommended. I feel I got a tremendous amount out of it.

Thank you for your professionalism and it is a joy to work with you.

Katie Baird
Loose Ends

I highly recommend exploring the help of a business coach as part of professional development, especially for VAs in the start-up or re-evaluation phase of their practice.

My coach, Angela Allen, has been no less than an Olympian championing me professionally and even personally at times. She is a seasoned veteran of the VA industry and its specific challenges. As a specialist in creative writing and marketing she helps me keep my promotional materials looking great.

Wendy Reznicsek

I just wanted to express my deepest thanks to you for the truly outstanding work you do. When I first contacted you, I did so thinking I was looking for someone to help me with my writing. Little did I know then that your talents extend far beyond the eloquent words you craft.

I value you and your company so highly because you help me see the big picture in what I am trying to accomplish and then you provide the assistance necessary to bring about this vision. You are a unique because you combine a strong knowledge of marketing, business/project planning and web site creation with a high level of skill with the written word.

This combination of your talents has helped my business profoundly. I feel so very fortunate to be associated with you. I wish you the very best in your continued success!

Jeff Aughey

Absolutely stunning, thank you Angela, I couldn't be more pleased.

Antonette Burroughs

Working with Angela is like having a full marketing department at my disposal. Angela has saved my company thousands of dollars and has given me the flexibility of having someone that is well rounded to help me brainstorm and tailor successful marketing approaches for my business.

Miguel Berger, Owner/Broker
TechValley Homes Real Estate