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Angela L. Allen is a keyboard jockey and fountain pen scribbler. She has a B.A. in English and a background in journalism, advertising, public relations, political media coordination, marketing, fundraising and small business administration.

She is on a mission to improve your success — to help you put your best foot forward in traditional and
Internet venues. She will help you improve the impact of your daily written communication and enable you to seize the best words when you find yourself face-to-face or “online” with your target audience.

She is an active member of online communities for real estate agents and mobile professionals. She has served as managing editor of an industry news publication for Virtual Assistants and has been a contributing writer to several virtual, technical, and professional publications.

Angela promotes professional outsourcing and maintains her connections with an elite network of career outsourcing professionals.

She served two terms as Vice President before being elected to serve as President of the International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA). Angela volunteers online and offline and has served on a number of professional and community boards of directors.

Located in Central Kentucky, Angela has served clients in 28 states in the USA and international clients in Taiwan, China, Africa, Canada, Spain, Bermuda, and the UK.

In June 2013, Angela joined forces with Steve Knight (formerly of DanvilleComputerDoc.com) and opened a second office in Danville Kentucky. In January, 2015, the duo launched Cool Jazz Web Design Studio as partners in Cool Jazz, LLC.

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