What’s the Secret to a Successful Online Business?

Assess your best skills, hone the one or two you enjoy and do what makes you happy. It sounds simple… and it is. Implementing the advice is more difficult.

With over a sixteen years of providing services online under my belt, I finally narrowed my own niche and allowed myself to follow my passion. I simplified. You should too.

Three Questions to Hone Your Marketing

After my many years of experience with online marketing (and even more with the offline variety), I can say with confidence that anyone can master their marketing by answering three simple questions:

  1. Who are my clients/customers?
  2. What problems/questions do they have?
  3. How can I answer/solve those issues quickly and easily, without obligating them?

Three Marketing Mistakes

  1. Don’t require personally identifying information unnecessarily. (It’s rude.)
  2. Don’t make them click a dozen times to get where they want to go. (They won’t.)
  3. Don’t assume you know what they need. (Assume they do.)

Your answers should be direct, descriptive, and (if possible) entertaining. Hire a writer to help you develop website copy and if that will help you effectively articulate your information.

Be a Good Online Citizen

It’s also helpful if you observe the golden rule, avoid being greedy (or too self-promotional), and actually provide the answers your visitors want (not just what you want them to have). Always offer your information with an open hand. Trust that when you provide what they seek, people will recognize your value and will seek your services and buy your products.